The Clearstart® Program

Colonic Irrigation and The Clearstart Program. If you've never embarked on an herbal clearing program before, you may not know what to expect. Clearing your system of toxins and debris can be difficult on your system and, while no two bodies react the same way, there are some fairly typical responses. We've found that once you know what to expect, most people take their body's natural response to clearing in stride.

Note: If you've never taken a fibre supplement before, we recommend you begin slowly. Fibre can be powerful stuff, and as such, it may take your body a while to adjust to the changes. Because your health is important we recommend you begin with 1/4 of the recommended amount of LiFiber, gradually increasing your intake over the first week until you are up to the full amount.
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Following your Clearstart® Program

The Clearstart® Program is simple to follow. Each day, you take the same four basic components. The biggest variation is the number of Paraway® capsules you take (you may also choose to slowly increase the amount of LiFiber you take and the strength of your tea over the first few days).

Whether this is the first time you've ever taken herbs, or whether you've been using herbs for years, we recommend you begin slowly with the Paraway®, increasing the number of capsules you take after Day 10. We've included a handy pull-out calendar so you can keep track of where you are on the program, as well as to ensure you take enough of each of the components daily.
Take 2 raway capsules daily between days 1-10 and increase the amount to 5 capsules daily between days 11-30.
Take LiFiber as directed on the canister.
For optimal results take Lifiber roughly 1/2 hour after the Paraway®.
Drink 1 cup of tea, preferably after your evening meal, before going to bed.
During the day, drink at least 8 -10 250 ml glasses of filtered water.

If you find yourself unable to stick to the suggested time, don't give up! The most important thing is to stay on the program, even if that means adjusting the amounts to suit your own needs. You deserve optimal health; clearing is the most important step in achieving that goal.

The Next Step

Congratulations! You have now completed Clearstart®, and have taken a big step in taking control of your health. Having cleared your body of most parasitic intruders, it is now time to balance and build your system through Unicity Network's comprehensive line of nutritional supplements.

NVC - Toronto Colonic Irrigation Clinic The next step to maintaining your optimal health is by adding one of our core packs to your daily regimen. The Men's Core Pack and Women's Core Pack ensure you get the gender specific nutrients your body requires by targeting your different systematic needs. The Children's Core Pack is a great source of the vitamins and minerals your children need.

In addition to the Core Packs, we have many other products and packs for every age helping you meet the nutritional requirements your body needs to maintain optimal wellness. The following are a few suggestions to familiarize yourself with the Unicity family of products while addressing wellness issues specific to your age. Whether you're an expectant mother, growing child, enjoying retirement or anywhere in- between, Unicity Network has products and packs to help meet your daily challenges.

As you continue on your path to optimal health with Unicity Network products, we hope your knowledge of herbs will grow, as will your trust and relationship with us. Once you feel comfortable branching out, we encourage you to take a look at the wide variety of products and the business opportunity we have to offer you. Your Independent Business Owner will be happy to discuss the various options with you.

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The Clearstart® Program
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