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Nataly Belinska lives by the philosophy "Cleanse then Rejuvenate". She is the owner of Natural Vitality Centre. Nataly's genesis of this lifestyle philosophy started in her homeland of Ukraine. After being a victim of the Chernobyl disaster, doctors diagnosed her with several illnesses. It was recommended that she undergo three life saving operations.

NVC - colonic Irrigation Clinic in Toronto Not surprisingly, Nataly's perspective on life changed and she embarked on a mission to recover her health. Instead of surgery, Nataly decided to conduct her own research on her diagnosis. She realized that her body was full of poisons and the only way to get her health back was to embark on a step-by-step cleansing and then rejuvenation of the body. Nataly not only cleansed and rejuvenated her body, but her spirit too. She chose to become educated in the field of colon hydrotherapy and then to share her knowledge.

Natural Vitality Centre is a modern facility. It is well equipped with a microscope, the newest style of colon irrigation equipment and ultraviolet water filtration. You'll also notice the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The NVC offers many services, including body reflexology, live cell analysis, ear candling, acupuncture and body wraps. A registered naturopathic doctor is on staff and the Center also accepts extended health care coverage.

Cleanse then Rejuvenate

Our Founder Nataly Belinska has a motto "Cleanse then Rejuvenate". It was a long path of life threatening diseases, caused by the Chernobyl disaster, shocking health prognoses and doctors’ recommendation to undertake 3 surgeries before Nataly changed prospective on her life. Nataly refused surgery and decided to take responsibility of her health in her own hands. She started her continuing journey in the field of alternative medicine. She was digging deep in search of the best solutions for her own health problems. Nataly found out that radiation, heavy metals, pollution, pesticides, household and food chemicals, emission gas and other toxins are very contagious. The accumulative power of these poisonous substances destroys our immune system, body’s natural ability to self healing. Cleanse or Detoxify! Nataly decided to educate herself in the field of modern Colon Hydrotherapy and Live Cell Microscope and in 1997 she founded Natural Vitality Centre. Being for more than 10 years in business of alternative healing Nataly identified the best nutrition supplements that would help a body to Rejuvenate.

Now NVC is a modern facility with well-trained friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and the state of art medical equipment. NVC has a registered naturopathic doctor on staff, accepts extended health care insurance and offers an impressive variety of treatments such as live cell analysis, colon irrigation, acupuncture, ion cleansing, ear candling, body wrap, nutrition and weight loss counseling.

Nataly Belinska created a company that could directly impact the health, well being and happiness of people in search of better quality of life.

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