Natural Vitality Centre -
Canada's Premier
Colon Irrigation Clinic
in Toronto

Colonic Irrigation in Toronto

Colonic Irrigation and Live Blood Cell Analysis. The colonic hydro- therapy treatment and Microscope Analysis of Vital Peripheral Blood
Colonic Irrigation with Chlorophyll Treatment
Live Cell Analysis for, before and after Colonic Cleansing procedures

Colonic Irrigation Equipment

Colonic Irrigation Equipment Colonic Irrigation Equipment with ultra-violet water filtration and regulated water pressure.
Colon Irrigation Hydro-Kit.
Live cell microscopy
Parasites and Parasite Cleansing
Colon Parasites and Parasite Cleansing for Colon & Whole Body
Anti parasite Colon Cleanse Program & attendant medication
Candidiasis & Parasites Infection

Colon Irrigation and Cleanse Programs

Colonic Irrigation Universiry The Clearstart Program
Body Wrap
Ion Cleanse
Ear Candling
Controlled Fasting
Hair organic regrowth program
1-3 days Spa Package
Intensive Therapy at The Yorkville Health Center/Sanatorium

NVC Colon University

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Constipation, IBS, bloating and other conditions of the digestive system.
Colonic Irrigation at NVC
Natural Vitality Centre - Canada's Premier Colon Irrigation Clinic in Toronto
Massage therapy
Professional Face/Body Care
Anti-aging Services
BIOPTRON Light Therapy
Ionization Technology
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Toronto's Newspaper presents NVC clinic
NVC - Toronto Colonic Irrigation Clinic
Colonic Irrigation Dr. Hiromi Shinya: "It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy & clean colon is one of the most important precursors..." video »